On April 9, 2016, about 800 members of the Sant Nirankari Sewadal and other Nirankari devotees carried out a cleanliness drive at the Kanpur Central Railway Station under the guidance of Shri Sushil Puri, Zonal Incharge and Shri Ramesh Chandra, Kshetriya Sanchalak Sewadal.

After Prayer the volunteers formed teams and spread out to every part of the station complex. They washed all the floors of the platforms and cleaned the walls, pillars and stairs. They took special care to remove the garbage.

Starting from October 2, 2015, the Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation has been organizing cleanliness drive covering 46 main Railway Stations across the country every month. This was the 7th phase of the year-long campaign.

The Railway Authorities were very much impressed by the spirit of devotion and dedication as also the cooperation and discipline among the volunteers. Shri Virendra Chaudhry, Assistant Superintendent said that it clearly reflected the inspiration provided by the teachings of Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj. He said that the contribution by Nirankari devotees is already creating awareness about the need for cleanliness among general public.

Shri Sushil Puri stated that the Sant Nirankari Mission does not only remove pollution from the mind through God-knowledge but also cleans the environment since it considers selfless service of humanity as a means to express one’s devotion to God.

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