World Mental Health Day in Mandoli Prison Complex

Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation observed World Mental Health Day on 10th October, 2019, Thursday at Mandoli Prison Complex, Delhi with more than 200 inmates participated. A motivational talk show was organized by the Jail authorities and they invited SNCF for the session. The Chief Guest, Sh. Rakesh Kumar, Jail Superintendent said it’s a very motivating initiative by SNCF which has helped the inmates to explore their mental peace.  Healthy mind lives in healthy body, keeping in view, sports equipments were also distributed for the use of inmates by SNCF. Among the speakers, Sh. A.S. Gill, Coordinator, SNM, Sh. Naresh Sachdeva, Sh. Joginder Singh and Sh. Sanjay Sharma, Manager, SNCF were also present.