There are perhaps only a few things that are as satisfying as sharing knowledge and enriching the lives of generations to follow. Education isn’t elixir but nothing less either. If success is like finding a needle in a hay-stack then without education it would be like finding the hay-stack first. The responsibility each of us towards education is the responsibility we have unto ourselves. Every child has something to offer and we have a responsibility to discover what that is. That is the opportunity education can provide. 



The seeds of knowledge sown in the 1950’s have grown multifold and today, we are running as many as 18 primary and senior secondary schools across the country, along with a college in Sohna (Haryana). The schools provide quality education in a clean and hygienic environment, with a moderate fee structure. SNCF is also running a primary school in Punjab where free education is provided to the children belonging to the underprivileged sections of society. SNCF also awards scholarships to the meritorious students from Class V to post-graduation level. A number of workshops are also organized for students and faculty members with an aim to inform, inspire and develop contemporary skills in the field of education, amongst all members of our institutes.


To provide practical knowledge that directs the youth in positively channelizing their energy and utilizing their acumen towards building their careers, SNCF has set up Vocational Training Programmes. These programmes have already helped many individuals to receive skills in varied fields, making them self-dependent. 

Nirankari Vocational Centers (NVC) are set up with a view to provide overall skill development to the youth of India in various fields.NVC which is a unit of Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation , focuses on providing various skill development programs at a very nominal cost for every section of the society.   NVC emphasis on the overall development of youth and also provides assistance in placement in different sectors as per their skills and requirement. NVC has expert and experienced faculty members for different courses like Information Technology including hardware, networking, computerized accounting, which are accredited by NIIT Foundation and languages, communication and interview skills, and many more which help the students for their overall development.     At present NVC has many centers across Delhi NCR, Haryana and Punjab and many more are in the way to come in future. The 1st Nirankari Vocational Center was set up at Nirankari Public School, Nirankari Colony On April 15, 2014. The 2nd one was inaugurated at Sant Nirankari Public School, Tilak Nagar Delhi on June 16, 2014. The 3rd Nirankari Vocational set up was inaugurated at Sant Nirankari Public School on October 20th 2014. The 4th Nirankari Vocational set up was inaugurated at Nirankari Baba Gurubahan Singh Memorial Collage in Sohna , Gurgaon (Haryana) on November 07th 2014. The 5th Nirankari Vocational set up was inaugurated at Sant Nirankari Public School (Senior Secondary) ,Tajpur Road , Indra Puri, Ludhiana (Punjab).