The measure of life is not its duration but its donation. We appreciate your donation, which helps us in making a difference by utilizing these resources by giving back to the society, for the benefit of mankind.The contributions made to SNCF carry exemption u/s 80G (5) (vi) of the Income Tax Act. All individuals have a unique emotional outlook towards social welfare activities. SNCF provides a flexible platform to donate towards the cause which means the most to you. You may choose to donate for the activities of Heal, Enrich or Empower.

  • Heal

  • Enrich

  • Empower


Humanitarian touch to the society has to be in totality. It cannot be restricted to just doing something for the needy. Real ‘social service’ calls for ‘soul service’ first. We welcome volunteers to participate in several social welfare activities. You can make a difference by being a part of our social welfare events or projects across the world.


SNCF’s philanthropyof selfless service to mankind has engaged volunteers globally to be a part of our activities.  We encourage you to participate in spreading the word about our mission of humanitarian activities, events and projects to communities around the world.